Curriculum Vitae

In March 2013, I obtained a PhD in Economics from the Catholic University Milan. My PhD dissertation, titled “Child Development and Cognitive Outcomes: the Role of Public and Family Inputs”, dealt with the effects of family decisions and child care policies on the development of children, employing both reduced-form and structural estimation methods. During my PhD, I had been mainly conducting my research at Collegio Carlo Alberto and I benefited from a period as a visiting scholar at New York University. 

In 2013, my PhD thesis has been awarded a grant from the Italian Economic Association, while one of my papers has received the Prize in Memory of Etta Chiuri as an outstanding paper written by an author under the age of forty.

From September 2013 until August 2015, I had been a Postdoctoral Max Weber Fellow at European University Institute, and in September 2015 I have started a position at the Centre for Health Economics, University of Gothenburg. 

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