Publications in peer-reviewed journals

"Does increasing compulsory education decrease or displace adolescent crime? New evidence from administrative and victimization data", with Marco Tonello, 64(1), pp. 15-49, CESifo Economic Studies, March 2018, Editor's choice. PDF

"Does child care availability play a role in maternal employment and children's development? Evidence from Italy" with Daniela Del Boca and Chiara Pronzato, 14(1), pp. 27-51, Review of Economics of the Household, March 2016.
A non-technical summary is available here: Pop-Digest

"Public investments in children’s human capital. Evidence from the literature on non-parental child care", Journal of the Italian Economic Association, Vol. XIX, N.1, pp. 169-194, April 2014. PDF

Working papers

"Birth weight, Neonatal Care, and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Macrosomic Babies, with Brandon J. Restrepo. DSE Working Paper 1/2019, University of Verona. New Version - Submitted

"Why don't you take a free shot? Free access to flu vaccination and its effects on take-up probability and health”, with Claudio Lucifora, Antonio Russo and Marco Tonello. CRELI WP 2/2018New version coming soon 

"Mother’s time allocation, child care and child cognitive development", 
GU Dep. Economics WP 695/2017
Latest version available hereNew version coming soon

Book chapters

“Who cares for the children? Family social position and childcare arrangements in Italy, 2002-2012”, with Nevena Kulic and Moris Triventi, in Blossfeld, H.-P., Kulic, N., J. Skopek, and M. Triventi (Eds.), Childcare, early education and social inequality. An international perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.
A non-technical summary is available here: InGenere

“Cura dei figli, scelte lavorative delle madri e sviluppo cognitivo dei bambini” [“Child care, mothers’ employment and children’s cognitive development”], in L. Cappellari - C. Lucifora (Eds.), Economia della popolazione. Disuguaglianza, Famiglia e Migrazioni [Population Economics. Inequality, Family and Migrations], Vita e Pensiero, pag. 139-156, 2014.

Policy reports (non peer-reviewed)

"Investire nella prima infanzia: una rassegna della letteratura" ["Why should we invest on early childhood? A review of the literature"], with Daniela Del Boca, Supplemento alla Rassegna Bibliografica 2/2014, pag. 1-12, Istituto Degli Innocenti, Firenze, 2015. PDF (in Italian)


PhD thesis

"Child Development and Cognitive Outcomes: the Role of Public and Family Inputs", PDF

Awarded the XIII Edition of the Prize of the Italian Economic Association (SIE) for the Best PhD Thesis in Economics (motivations of the award - in Italian)